Loving Kindness Meditation Technique

Loving kindness meditation is also known as metta meditation. What is metta? Metta comes from pali language which translate as loving kindness. The essence of metta is love without attachment. It is the purest kind of love. Metta is different from ordinary love. Ordinary love is complicated, full of lust and selfish desire. However, metta... Continue Reading →

The Kind of Love We Deserve

I have a habit of reading articles about love and just recently I bought few books talking about love, happiness and relationship because the concept itself is so intriguing. Love can be one strengths and weaknesses at the same time. I intend to master the art of love as I believe having a loving relationship between self and others play a major role in my overall life's satisfaction. One fine day, I visited one forum of discussion. The topic of discussion that caught my attention the most is this, "How to stay in love after 10 years of marriage?"

Mindfulness Meditation Technique

One of the meditation techniques that I practice regularly is mindfulness meditation. It is also known as breathing meditation or Vipassana meditation. The essence of mindfulness meditation relies on being fully aware of the phenomena that arises on present moment.

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