About Felicia

Felicia Regina Tjhang is a young entrepreneur pursuing her passion in beauty industry since 2014. Her company produces waxing products which helps people to do their waxing at home at cheaper cost compared to saloon. She also runs beauty academy to educate and assist other entrepreneurs who wish to establish own beauty saloons but lack of resources and experiences. Together with her team, she manages few beauty saloons in Indonesia.

Since young, Felicia enjoys learning new things and share her experiences to people around her. During her free time, she loves reading book, meditate, exercise and spend quality time with her family and friends.

Felicia treasures her personal values such as: Compassion, Integrity, Mindfulness, Wisdom and Passion.

This website serves the purpose to inspire readers, to make life worth living, to spread love and compassion, to make world a happier place to live and to share wisdom.

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