My Morning Rituals

To me, morning is the most crucial time of the day. It sets the benchmark how the rest of my day going to be like. If I woke up feeling lazy and demotivated, usually I won’t be as productive as when I wake up feeling energized. I enjoy tremendous benefits of having morning rituals and it makes me always look forward to morning time! Can you believe how amazing you life could be if you can wake up feeling energetic every single day?

Most of billionaires have their morning rituals. I just figured that out after watching a youtube video from valuetainment titled “Morning Rituals of an Entrepreneur.” So it got me thinking, “heyyyy, not bad. I shared similar morning ritual with some of the billionaires, yay!”

Thanks to my morning ritual, I become more productive than I was before. My company’s sales has increased 200% because of the positive attitudes I set since morning.

Okay to cut things short, this is the rundown of my morning rituals

  1. Meditate

I woke up around 6-7 am. I usually need 7 hours of sleep. If I worked till midnight, I will set my alarm to 7am. The first thing I did after waking up is to drag my meditation cushion and place it facing my window where I could see the sunrise then I sat down and meditated for 35 minutes.

Let me break down my meditation activities:

  • 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation to take a pause and not to think anything but to be aware of present moment and the phenomena that’s happening inside me. Check out my mindfulness meditation post to understand the benefits of it!
  • 5 minutes of loving kindness meditation to send prayers of happiness for all beings in the world.
  • 5 minutes of gratitude meditation. During this meditation activity, I say thank you to myself; my soul, my body, my brain, and all parts of me. I thank everything I could think of, like, “I am grateful for the new day, warm sun, fresh air, nice cushion, soft blanket, great sisters, caring mother. Thank you for all the lessons in life. Thank you for the warm smile I received from neighbor.” I keep taking mental notes of the gratitude for 5 minutes.
  • 5 minutes of affirmation and visualization. During this meditation, I give positive affirmation to myself. Every morning I tell myself, “I am a great person. I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to. I can love and I am worthy of love. I am kind to myself and others. I live to inspire people around me. My body and soul are supporting me to achieve my missions. I bring joy to myself and others. I am surrounded by great people. Great things always come to me and a lot more great things will be coming in the future.” After doing some affirmations for 2-3 minutes then I visualized myself 5 years later in very detail visualization like my appearance, the clothes, the person I am with, the activity I am doing, the office that I am working at, the number of chairs and desk, the color of the sofa, the employees that I am having, the products that I am producing, I can visualized it very clearly like it’s very real.

196476I utilized one amazing apps called Insight Timer to notify me when I reached 20 minutes, 25 minutes until 35 minutes of meditation so I do not have to keep opening my eyes and check the time. Insight Timer is one of the best apps I have ever downloaded as they have a lot of amazing features like various interesting topics of guided meditation and a lot of positive groups that empower each others. I am so thankful for this apps and at times, I pray for Insight Timer’s founder and employees happiness!




2. Write down daily gratitude and daily compassion


Being grateful all the time is not an easy task and I intended to make it a habit. I downloaded one great apps called Penzu to noted down my daily compassion and daily gratitude. It also serves me as my personal diary. So, every morning I typed down 3 things I am grateful at and 3 things I have done yesterday to show my compassion to others. My heart almost exploded with joy every time typed down daily gratitude and compassion. Life is so great, life is so kind!




3. Make to-do list

196470I use an app called Keep to write down my to-do-list. I fall in love with this apps because it is very user friendly and I get to accomplished a lot of task because of this apps. I usually break it down into few categories such as my daily to do list, people I should follow up and my meeting schedule. I’d like to put my meeting schedule in my google calendar and Keep as well. Since I accessed Keep more often, it reminds me of my upcoming meetings days before so I can be extra well-prepared.




4. Have small breakfast and consume vitamins

Since I need my body to carry my life’s mission, I need to take care of my body so I can have more energies to perform better job. I usually have small bites like crackers or bread so I can eat my multivitamins and fish oil to avoid nauseous from empty stomach. Nom nom nom..

5. Use the same pair of shirt

196478Years ago I heard Zuckerberg always use the same blue shirt to go to work so on December 2017 I bought 7 pairs of white shirts and try his method. Seriously, it is so amazing that I do not have to think what to wear for today to the office. This white shirt is so comfortable that allows me to think sharper without feeling suffocated from the tightness of the clothes. I could run, jump, dance in the office (okay, I am being exaggerated)

However, since I am working in beauty industry and dealing with a lot of pretty female bosses and our company is providing high values of business start-up package, I don’t wear white t-shirt when I have meeting outside. Usually I wear white dress or white blouse with skirt. Okay by now readers will probably know that 90% of the time I wear white clothes.

6. Learn something new

Jack-MaSo, in the morning at office I will open youtube and search from an interview or talk from successful people. My favorite? Jack Ma! I keep repeating his talk and he inspires me so much to perform at maximum level. At times I noted down his inspiring words such as,

I don’t think anyone can conquer the world, we can only serve the world.

Money follows people who follow their dream!

I hate people work for me. I want people work for the mission we agreed together.

Stop complaining and let the others complain, you find solution.

Technology is not changing the world. It is the dream behind technology that change the world.

These are my 6 steps of morning rituals that makes me look forward to every new morning with excitement and joy. This morning rituals has improved my business performance and increased my overall life satisfaction.

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