Who Stole my Eternal Peace and Happiness?


The Story of an Anxious Puppy

One day, there was an anxious puppy that could not sit still. He kept running around uncomfortably from one point to another point. He could not sleep for days blaming the unfriendly weather, during the day time when the sun was up, he ran under the mango tree but he could not find his peace as he is still feeling anxious and uncomfortable even the mango tree provided him shades him from extremely blazing sun. Then he ran to a big apple tree but still could not find peace. Little did he know, he has lices all over his body. That is the main reason he could not sit still.

Moral of the Story

When I look at my surroundings, I see many confused people just like story of the anxious puppy. Even I ever became the confused person, keep running around from one place to another looking for happiness and peace. Whenever I am feeling down, there will be friends who would just give me a call and asked me to have a drink till drunk or to hit the club and check on some hot guys.

It is not that any of the readers never tried this method before, but how many of us would actually find eternal happiness by doing this? It might felt good getting all the attentions but when you reached home, the happiness and peacefulness you had suddenly fade away as quickly as a blink of eyes.

“Looking for peacefulness and happiness from the outside is like pouring water into the bottomless bucket. The length of happiness that you feel is only the moment when the water touches the side of the bucket, but remember, it is a bottomless bucket, no matter how much water you poured into, it will never be enough.”

Just like the story of anxious puppy, many of us tend to blame our surroundings, conditions, environment for the reason of our unhappiness. One friend (Jack) called me the other day saying he felt unhappy with his relationship with his father because of his father kept nagging him to get married, he felt pressured and caused a big fight with his girlfriend.

So, who stole Jack’s peacefulness? His father? His girlfriend? Ok, let’s just say Jack’s dad stole his peacefulness, if Jack left the house and never ever talked to his dad anymore, eventually Jack will meet another person who might share the same characteristic like his dad, should Jack eliminates everyone who destroy his inner peace? Should he bought an island and fill the island with people who will only make him happy?

We need to be able to understand that our father, mother, spouse, friends, siblings, employees, pet are just variables. It is liable to changes. If we conditioned our peace and happiness according to those variables then our happiness and state of peace are in constant threat of change. Just like the anxious puppy, looking for peace from the outside.

There are so many scenarios on how easy we lose our inner peace so effortlessly. In normal day to day activity, we feel at peace when we wake up in the morning, then we drive to work, we met impatient car driver who wants to cut in your way then it is extremely easy for us to lose our temper, sometimes we honked the car just to show we are in power but how does it makes us feel? Do we feel happy afterwards?

I believe, to find inner peace and happiness, it is not that hard if we look inward. If we look outward, you might only find ‘fake happiness’ or ‘temporary happiness’. We need to attain those eternal peace and happiness inside our heart, then try our very best to maintain those peace like it is one of your greatest treasure.

How to find inner peace and happiness?

Keep a grateful heart. Based on my experience, one of the best way is to keep a grateful heart. People who have the habit to be grateful are the happiest kind of people. You can be grateful at things that you already have, such as you are grateful for having 10 fingers. If you only have 8 fingers, then still be grateful because you have 8 fingers.

The power of acceptance plays major role in attaining eternal peace and happiness. We need to fully accept ourselves including our weaknesses and limitations. For example I accept the fact that I could never be a flight attendant cause of my height and I am still happy of becoming an entrepreneur even though I don’t get to travel as much as the flight attendant. The key is wanting what you already have instead of sulking for things you can’t have.

Learn to forgive and forget. To be honest, I am not the best person to give a lecture about this as I am actually capable of remembering every single mistake people have done to me be it 5 or 10 years ago I could remember it just fine. But, I have the power of choice! Just because I have a good memory, should I really use my brain’s space to remember people’s mistake and hold grudges? What kind of benefit could I get from this? Since I have the superpower of choosing what is best for me so I choose to forgive and forget. It takes extra efforts at first and it gets easier day by day.

Stop playing the victim. If you are feeling blue due to low sales in business, terrible fight with parents, horrible break-up etc etc it is because you let yourself to feel sad. I mean it is nothing wrong of being sad, but don’t blame others for your feelings. It is time to take full accountability for what you think, feel and do.

Meditate. Readers might get bored of me blabbering the power of meditation as I have posted three articles about meditation. I am glad that some of my friends who read my post titled 3 life-changing benefits of meditation decided to pursue meditation as well. I found my inner peace and happiness through meditation, readers can find the reason by clicking this link.

I wish this article could help readers to gain eternal peace and happiness as I have found mine and I intend to maintain it regardless of any circumstances.

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  1. Great post and very helpful advice. Meditation is a really great tool and something I’ve been trying to start doing. Thank you for sharing this! Wish you the best – speak766


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