The True Purpose of Giving

When I was little, my mom taught me that I need to give more to others so that God will give us more in return. I grew up with this way of thinking and hoping that the more I give, the more God will give me more in return. I was lucky enough to be... Continue Reading →

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The Power of Mom’s Prayer

A few days ago I had a conversation over green tea latte with good friends, Vincent and Yasa from an entrepreneurship organization called EO. We shared stories about our experiences that make us who we are today. Both of them have so many amazing stories to be shared and towards the end of our late... Continue Reading →

The Power of Now (Book Review)

As part of my new year's resolution is to be a wiser person, I have decided to read more spiritual and self-development books. One of the most recommended books (suggested by my friends and Google) is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Reading this book is one of the best decision I have ever... Continue Reading →

The Law of Giving

I used to be the type of person who would think twice before giving my money to a beggar. I would be assessing their physical and mental health and if the beggar has a complete set of eyes, arms, and legs, I would not think of giving him cash even though he might be sleeping... Continue Reading →

My Morning Rituals

To me, morning is the most crucial time of the day. It sets the benchmark how the rest of my day going to be like. If I woke up feeling lazy and demotivated, usually I won't be as productive as when I wake up feeling energized. I enjoy tremendous benefits of having morning rituals and... Continue Reading →

Loving Kindness Meditation Technique

Loving kindness meditation is also known as metta meditation. What is metta? Metta comes from pali language which translate as loving kindness. The essence of metta is love without attachment. It is the purest kind of love. Metta is different from ordinary love. Ordinary love is complicated, full of lust and selfish desire. However, metta... Continue Reading →

The Kind of Love We Deserve

I have a habit of reading articles about love and just recently I bought few books talking about love, happiness and relationship because the concept itself is so intriguing. Love can be one strengths and weaknesses at the same time. I intend to master the art of love as I believe having a loving relationship between self and others play a major role in my overall life's satisfaction. One fine day, I visited one forum of discussion. The topic of discussion that caught my attention the most is this, "How to stay in love after 10 years of marriage?"

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